Information Network for Semen Production and Resource Management (INSPRM) is an information network for semen stations funded under National Dairy Plan (NDP). It is envisaged to meet the information needs of individual semen station as well as the Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) of NDP to coordinate all its activities. This network for semen stations is also linked with the existing network of field activities – INAPH (Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health). NDP is a central sector scheme funded by the World Bank and implemented by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) with the objectives to increase the productivity of the dairy bovines and to provide rural milk producers with greater access to the organized milk processing sector. The process of productivity enhancement involved production of HGM bulls through scientifically designed Progeny Testing (PT), Pedigree Selection (PS) programmes and import of bovine germplasm, production of high quality disease free semen and covering of large number of breedable bovine females under AI network. When NDP I conceived in 2009-10, the total semen production in the country was 65.87 million frozen semen doses. It was envisaged that there would be a demand of 100 million semen doses in 2016-17 to cater to the need of semen doses for AI in that year, considering 35% coverage in AI. To meet the gap, it was planned to strengthen/expand semen stations in terms of bull management, laboratory, biosecurity and manpower. This gave rise to Semen Station Strengthening (SSS) projects. Providing reliable, easy-to-access and timely information to all stakeholders including farmers is identified as one of the key activities in all programmes planned for providing quality genetics to farmers under NDP. NDDB has already put in place a network referred to as INAPH for all field activities related to productivity enhancement including registration of animals, AI services, progeny testing and pedigree selection programmes, ration balancing, animal health etc. on the similar line, INSPRM is developed as a network of the semen stations to link all the activities of semen station ranging from bull management, semen production, fodder production, stock management, asset management to finally sale of semen doses to customers. Data of particular semen station related to animal registration, pedigree, bull’s fertility, production records of bull’s dam and progenies and breeding values of bull for various traits will be transmitted to Semen Station from INAPH server from time to time. Similarly, data related to bulls identified for testing and their pedigree details, bull wise summary of semen production and key quality data will be transmitted to INAPH server periodically. Traceability of the FSDs supplied to different agencies would be available through INAPH data base. In nut shell, INSPRM is meant to serve as a ‘National Link’ for all the semen stations in India to create an information pool on the semen production and its use in the field. This will further help to achieve long term goal of enhancing productivity of Dairy Bovines in the country.